Performance characteristics of Q690D high strength steel plate

Performance characteristics of Q690D high strength steel plate

Did you all watch the last episode? Today, the editor will introduce to you a steel plate that is one level higher than Q550D: Q690D.
Q690D belongs to high-strength welded structural steel. Among them, Q represents the yield strength, 690 represents the yield strength value, and D represents the grade of the steel plate.
1. Delivery status
Usually delivered in hot-rolled, quenched and tempered state;
2. Common specifications
The thickness is 8-120mm, the width is generally 2200 and 2500mm, and the length is 12000mm;
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3. Performance characteristics
Q690D can be called a low temperature resistant high strength steel with a yield strength of 690Mpa. Q690D steel plate has higher yield strength and tensile strength. The mechanical properties are as follows:
Yield strength: ≥690Mpa;
Tensile strength: 770-940Mpa;
Elongation A%: ≥14;
Shock temperature: -20°C;
Impact energy: ≥27 J;
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4. Main purpose
Steel plate Q690D is widely used in various engineering construction equipment, such as drilling rigs, electric shovels, electric wheel dump trucks, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, concrete pump trucks, fire ladders, various cranes and coal mine hydraulic supports, etc.
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Q690D steel plate is new in stock, with various thicknesses available, and regular order is available. Other main products include wear-resistant steel, engineering machinery steel, automobile frame steel, cold-rolled high-strength car body plate, weather-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel, medium-high carbon steel, etc., with a stock of 10,000 tons and complete specifications.

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