Engineering construction

Definition: construction of roads, ports, bridges and tunnels, mining equipment, hoppers, conveying equipment.
Grades: Wear Resistant Steel Series NM300tp, NM400, NM450, NM500, ar360, Mn13 ; Weathering Steel Series Q355NQ, Q420GNQ ; Hot Rolled Structural Steel Series QSTE550TM, HR360LA ; Bridge Steel Series Q420qD ; Acid Resistant Steel series 09CrCuSb.....


Real Estate

Definition: refers to the steel industry related to real estate (including door and window manufacturing, ventilation ducts, civil air defense projects, fire protection projects, waterproof steel plates, curtain wall accessories, etc.).
Grades: High Performance Building Structural Steel Q345GJB, Q355GJB-Z15 ; High Strength Steel S460ML S460QL S460J0 ; Spring Steel 65Mn , 55Si2MnB, 60Si2Mn, 60Si2CrA, 55CrMnA , 60CrMnMoA......


Definition: Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mining trucks, dump trucks, etc.
Grade: Gear Steel Alloy Round Bar 45#, 16MnCr5, 35SiMn, 40Cr, 40CrNi, 40MnB, 42CrMo, 35CrMo; Wear Resistant Steel nm400, nm450, nm500, nm600; Bearing Steel Alloy Round Bar GCr15, 52100, SUJ1, SUJ2, 100Cr6, 1. 2067, 55C, 8620, 4320, 9310, 440C, M50 ;Spring Steel 65Mn, 55Si2MnB, 60Si2Mn, 60Si2CrA, 55CrMnA , 60CrMnMoA.....


Mechanical equipment

Definition: construction machinery, petrochemical general machinery, electrical equipment, electrical equipment, measuring and weighing instruments, hoisting machinery, mining machinery, etc.
Grade: Mold steel p20; Hot rolled abrasion resistant steel plate NM400, NM450, NM500; alloy steel round bar 10~70#, 65Mn, GCr15, 52100, SUJ1, SUJ2, 100Cr6

Metal products

Definition: metal products, metal tools, metal packaging containers, metal shelves, containers, mold bases, etc.
Grade: spring steel 65Mn, 60Si2Mn; Gear steel round bar 42CrMo; bearing steel round bar GCr15; cold heading steel 20MnB4 28B2; wear-resiatant steel nm360tp, nm400, nm500, nm600, etc.

316 Stainless Steel Properties

Household appliances

Definition: Including principal appliances, air conditioner, microwave ovens, washing machine, digital appliances, computer industries, etc.
Grade: cold-rolled steel coil DC01, DC02, DC03, DC04, SPCC ; ZM alloy steel DC51D+ZM, SCS400 ; galvanized steel DX53D+Z ; galvalume steel G550, DC51D+AZ, etc...

Marine engineering

Definition: ports, shipyards, delivery helping centers, marine engineering, etc.
Classification society certification: ccs, BV, ABS, LR, DNV, GL, RINA, NK, KR.
Grade: CCSA, CCS-A36, BVA, AH32/AH36, AB/A, AB/AH36, NVA32, GL-A36, AH36, KA/KB/KD, KA32/KB36, etc.


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