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Tianjin Zhanzhi

Tianjin Zhanzhi Steel Co., Ltd. It is the branch company of Zhanzhi Group. As one of the outstanding steel suppliers in China, we have enjoyed a high reputation in the industry. After years of development, we successfully realized the separation of industry services and varieties and management, and established a professional special steel variety management team. Our main products include wear-resistant steel, corten steel (weather-resistant steel), acid-resistant steel, gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, and other special steel products. We have cooperative relationships with many steel mills. The most noteworthy thing is that we are the general agent of Guangxi Shenglong Metallurgical Co., Ltd. in China. At the same time, we are also recruiting agents from all over the world, welcome to join us.

We can provide one-stop services that includes integrating production, processing, warehousing, and trade. We not only understand business but also understand product technology, we can solve various questions for you well.

Deeply cultivating the special steel industry, we always pay attention to brand building and operate with integrity. Timely, perfect and thoughtful technical service and after-sales service have formed our good brand influence.








4.5 Million+Tons

Annual Sales Volume

2.7 Billion+USD

Annual Turnover


Exporting Countries


business model

Processing Service

    • We have 6 factories all over China (there are still 2 factories in preparation), equipped with a total of 30 leading brand automatic production lines. Products include wear resistant steel plate, high strength steel plate, gear steel round bar, etc.
    • Cutting service
    • Welding service
    • Color painting service
    • Drilling service
    • Laser cutting service
    • Overlay Welding service

Warehousing Service

    • Our total warehouse area is nearly 3 million square meters;
    • Total annual warehouse capacity is nearly 10 million tons;
    • We also have some strategic cooperation outsourcing centers;
    • We can supply warehouse supervision services.

Trade Service

    • Create a supply chain model of resource integration and two-way interaction;
    • More than 20 subsidiaries and storages, with business covering more than 20 provinces and cities across the country and overseas markets;
    • It has formed strategic partners with more than 20 mainstream steel mills in China, serving dozens of industries, and realizing full coverage of the industrial steel demand field.

Technical Service

    • Professional technical service team with steel mill background:
    • Customer selection of materials, materials, upgrade and replacement suggestions;
    • Customer material process improvement, quality improvement and improvement;
    • Material physical and chemical properties testing and analysis services;
    • Technical knowledge training for customers.

Delivery Service

    • One-stop service
    • Full-variety distribution plan
    • One-stop service for processing, distribution, storage and transportation.

Financial Service

    • Tray: Leverage supply channels to help customers place orders on a one-time basis. Let customers enjoy one-stop service, normal time is 2 months.
    • Flexible payment terms: Based on the customer’s credit, we can provide different payment terms, such as T/T, L/C and OA.
Processing <br> Service
Processing <br> Service


Warehousing <br> Service
Warehousing <br> Service


Trade <br> Service
Trade <br> Service


Technical <br> Service
Technical <br> Service


Delivery <br> Service
Delivery <br> Service


Financial <br> Service
Financial <br> Service




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Product Center

Wear Resistant Tool Steel AR400 Abrasion Resistance Grades NM400 NM500 Metal Plate

Wear-Resistant Alloy Steel Sheet Abrasion Resistant Carbon Ar400 Grades Plate For Sale

Wear Plate Steel NM400 Wear-Resistant Carbon Metal Sheet Ar400 Manufacturers

High Quality Wear Steel Plate NM400 Equivalent Wear-Resistant Sheet With Factory Price

NM360 Wear Steel Sheet Wear-Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturers For Crusher Lining

NM360 Steel Plate Abrasion Resistant Wear Metals Ar Plates 6-10mm For Coal Hopper

NM360 Wear Steel Plate Manufacturer 8-30mm Wear-Resistant Carbon Steel Grades For Cement Factory

Factory Price NM360 Wear Resistant Carbon Steel Plate 6-10mm For Sale

NM450 Grades Steel Plate Factories Ar Anti Wear Steel Sheet With High Resistance

Abrasion Resistance Ar Steel Plate Grades NM450 Wear-Resistant Steel Sheet

Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Grades NM450 Steel Sheet Suppliers

NM450 Steel Plate Factory Wholesale Wear Resistant Alloy Metals Sheets

Cheap Price NM360 Anti Wear Plate Abrasion Resistant Steel Sheet For Conveyors

4.5m Super Wide NM500 Wear-resistant Abrasion Resistant Steel Sheet For Concrete Mixer

NM450 Wear Resistant Abrasion Steel Sheet Plate Manufacturer

3mm Thin NM400 Wear-Resistant Steel Plate For Mining Machine

Hot Rolled NM400 NM450 NM500 Wear Resistant Steel Plate For Making Excavator

S460ML S460QL S460J0 High Strength Steel Plate With Factory Price

Bulletproof Ballistic Carbon Steel Plate A500 Grade With High Quality

Wear-resistant Steel
High Strength Steel
Bulletproof Steel


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